Trauma & PTSD

Offered In Person and Telehealth

Are you hoping to heal from the past?

Do you feel as if “I should have moved on from the past by now”

but you don’t seem able to?

Do you feel stuck, numb, unsafe, powerless, disconnected and are not quite sure why?

You don’t have to live with suffering. There is always hope for healing. If you are interested in exploring how trauma-focused treatment might be right for you, reach out to learn more and schedule an appointment.

The word “trauma” literally means “wound.” An emotional trauma is an event or experience that overwhelms the brain and body, inhibiting our capacity to cope. Unprocessed trauma can leave you feeling stuck or in a continuous loop. Even though time has passed, the hurt, fears, and terror still feel present to you in your everyday life. Similar to having a physical injury that we didn’t know to take care of, an untreated emotional trauma may not heal properly or get worse over time.

This ongoing injury is often the root cause of a number of mental health problems: intrusive memories, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, fears of abandonment, feelings of shame or guilt, trust issues, compulsive behaviors, and substance use disorders. When underlying trauma is present it is important to address it in therapy in order to see significant progress and improvements. Through this process, you may see meaningful and even life changing results.

To heal from trauma, you first need safety, validation, and coping strategies to move through difficult emotions. Our clinicians then use evidence-based practices to identify and process the trauma.