Online Counseling

Online Counseling

We provide confidential and secure online counseling to California residents and in other countries (where allowable). We work on a HIPAA compliant Telehealth Platform. We are able to offer you online counseling from the convenience of your home (or wherever you decide).

We believe online counseling needs to be provided to those who cannot make it to our office or who prefer the privacy of their own home/office. We also believe in providing counseling to those living aboard in other countries who want to work with a therapist from the States. Online counseling is particularly useful during times of travel and vacation.

Online counseling is becoming more and more popular. We have seen a higher demand for online counseling and we are proud to be in the front lines of providing this type of therapy.

We have found that our clients benefit from online counseling just as much as they benefit from in-person, face to face counseling. We know the biggest factor in therapy is the therapeutic relationship and we are able to establish and maintain a healthy therapeutic relationship through online counseling.

With online counseling, you may be afford with more flexibility in scheduling, especially if you are overseas. We are able to work with any time changes that may affect scheduling your counseling appointment. We ensure that all sessions are free from distractions and are 100% committed to you during the online counseling session.

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