Relationship Counseling

The Heart of the Matter Relationship Counseling offers couples counseling to help reduce stress, reinforce emotional bonds and restore love to strained relationships. We will help you with issues like…

  • constant fighting
  • loss of intimacy
  • financial stresses
  • anger or resentment
  • communication or trust issues
  • conflicting parenting styles
  • life transitions

The first step towards a better relationship is reaching out. We will help you gain the knowledge to better understand why these conflicts are arising and offer you the tools to cope and resolve your problems without fear, pain, and anger. You will be provided with a safe and professional environment to improve your communication skills, overcome challenges, and enrich your personal relationships.

The Heart of the Matter Relationship Counseling has achieved successful results for individuals and couples who are seeking to strengthen their marriage, separate, or divorce amicably. We also offer hope to those seeking post-divorce counseling for healthier dual-home family dynamics. For pre-marital couples, we help to identify how each person’s family of origin may contribute to expectations in the upcoming marriage. Relationship counseling will help you and your family set and achieve goals and find the happiness that you deserve.

Family Therapy

Is tension and anxiety ruling your household? Families go through changes all the time, but often those changes can create unstable relationships between its members. A separation, an illness, a death, a job loss, a move to a new city, and even happy events like a new baby or a new spouse, are all changes that can occur to existing and functional family dynamics. We have seen how these changes can impact each family member separately and in differing ways. The Heart of the Matter Counseling has trained Systems Theory therapists ready to address and work with your family to identify the ways you and your loved ones can improve those tense and unstable interactions with one another and live more cohesively as a loving family.

Kids & Teens

Children handle stress differently than adults. If your child is exhibiting any symptoms of concern, including persistent low mood, heightened anxiety about school or failing grades, difficulty making meaningful friendships, conduct problems with teachers or coaches, anger or irritability, it might be time to try something new. Our specialists are trained in therapies to target these and many other concerns for your child. We provide a safe space for kids and teens to share things that are sometimes quite scary to share with parents and other adults. Let the therapists at The Heart of the Matter help your child live their best life.

Individual Therapy

When the world spins out of control and seems to be moving ahead of you, hopelessness or anxiety can rule your life. The everyday stresses of the modern world can create in many people a feeling that they don’t belong or they’re lost in the crowd. This loneliness can lead to isolation and avoidance of people and activities you once loved. If you feel lonely, sad, afraid, anxious, hopeless, or helpless, it’s been too long and maybe it’s time to make a change. If you feel tired all the time, have chronic body aches, are experiencing appetite fluctuations, or unstable sleep cycles, we want to help you get your life back.

We also know that bad things happen to good people. Physical or sexual assault can create persistent thoughts of the trauma, causing you to relive these terrible memories again and again. It can create problems with sleep, appetite, irritable moods, and anxiety. When trauma has altered your world and is holding you back, gain control over your life again. We have proven therapies that can widen your understanding of the trauma and deepen your sense of power in your situation. You can re-write the story of that trauma and we want to help.

When we lose someone in our lives, the loss throws off our emotional balance and can lead to us to feel complex grief and lack of interest in things we used to love. Grief can also show up in the body as anxiety. Loss can happen slowly over time or unexpectedly. A partner, a pet, a parent, a child, a job, our health, these are all major losses in our lives and can make the world seem unstable and overwhelming. Recovering from these types of losses takes time, but we are here to help.

Online Counseling

Video counseling is available to California residents as well as times of travel for in-person clients where appropriate.


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