Relationship Counseling

The Heart of the Matter Relationship Counseling offers couples counseling and individual therapy to help reduce stress, reinforce emotional bonds, and restore love into strained relationships. We will help you with issues like…

  • depression or grief
  • constant fighting
  • loss of intimacy
  • financial stresses
  • anger or resentment
  • communication or trust issues
  • conflicting parenting styles

The first step towards a better relationship is reaching out. We will help you gain the knowledge to better understand why these conflicts are arising and offer you the tools to cope and resolve your problems without fear, pain, and anger. You will be provided with a safe and professional environment to  improve your communication skills, overcome challenges, and enrich your personal relationships.

The Heart of the Matter Relationship Counseling has achieved successful results for individuals and couples who are seeking to strengthen their marriage, separation/divorce/post-divorce counseling, pre marital couples seeking guidance and families in dysfunctional patterns. Relationship therapy and individual counseling will help you and your family set and achieve goals and find the happiness that you deserve.

Teletherapy Counseling

Teletherapy (video) counseling is available to California residents as well as times of travel for in-person clients where appropriate.

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