Family Therapy

Your family is a collection of very different people, all with unique personalities, experiences and opinions. Each person comes to a relationship with his or her own separate set of needs, hopes and demands. A mom’s expectations for curfews, grades and cleanliness may be very different from a teenager’s expectations. One child in the family might demand more attention, making siblings or spouses feel ignored and abandoned by the caretaker. When one person’s perspective clashes with another family member’s perspective, sparks can fly and can make you feel like a prisoner in your own home. If you hope to feel safer expressing your feelings with one another, or if you simply want to show more affection to those you love, we want to help.

Trained in a Family Systems Approach to therapy, we view the family as a complex organism of parts, working in reaction to one another. Life transitions, developmental stages, illnesses, unemployment, separation, new partners; all of these things can create change in a family system. All families go through many stages of change. And when one person changes their behaviors, even in small ways, the other people in the family will naturally adjust to that behavior, for better or worse. Those changes can sometimes be disruptive and dysfunctional. We want to map the ways those adjustments have created conflict and identify ways to reduce animosity and resentment between you and the people you love most.

It can be painful to feel so disconnected from your loved ones. Don’t let any more days of frustration and resentment go by. We can help you listen to one another with respect and create open communication between you and those you feel are drifting away. We want to offer tools to interrupt cycles of anger and silence, as well as ways to reduce the ways you may be triggering each other. Don’t wait…call The Heart of the Matter Relationship Counseling today.

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