We all have dreams for our children when they are born. We want a happy and healthy life for him or her and we do all we can to make that happen. And perhaps for a time your child was happy and had lots of friends and no problems keeping up with school. But now your child feels distant or even hostile toward you or others.

Depending on your child’s age, here are a few symptoms that you may be seeing in your child:

· Irritability

· Anger

· Difficulty concentrating

· Anxiety/fearfulness

· Pessimism/negative outlook

· Grades dropping or more difficulty completing assignments

· Conduct problems with teachers

· Arguing with family members

· Limited or no invitations from friends

· Difficulty separating, going to school, clinginess

· Risk taking (smoking, drinking, sexual promiscuity)

· Appetite changing suddenly

· Difficulty managing responsibilities or staying organized

· Difficulty making and maintaining friendships

· Talk about death, suicide or violence

Is your child or teen exhibiting anger, sadness, apathy, or anxiety? Is it breaking your heart that he or she is not living their best life, making meaningful friendships, or following their heart?

Changes in eating or sleeping could be due to their changing bodies. But taken to extremes these changes can mean something is troubling your child. Our kids face so many pressures today including bullying, social media, body image pressure, intense scholastic expectations, sexual or gender identity, and so many more social and emotional concerns.

Our trained therapists will create a safe space for your child to open up and learn skills to cope with these stressful pressures. Give your child the support they need and call The Heart of the Matter Relationship Counseling today.

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